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Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest! Romey Fisheries and Aquatic Science is looking to fill a seasonal Environmental Technician position: 

•    Focus & Location: To evaluate, enumerate, and conduct remote sensing analysis of riparian ecosystem conditions across western Washington. While this work is primarily remote office work, there may be times where field visits to study sites are required.
•    Work:

  • UAV Orthophoto – Work will be focused on processing and analysis of orthophotos collected at riparian study reaches along small headwater streams.  Windthrow will be identified and digitized in QGIS before analysis in R.

  • Hemispherical Photo - Work will be conducted on hemispherical photos taken at sampling intervals along a study reach. Photos will be processed in Hemispher software before final analysis in R.

  • Field sampling or surveys – Field work may be required to collect spatial data using a rugged electronic field data collection tablet.  Approximate Employment Dates: This is a seasonal position starting as soon as possible and ending March 30th, 2024, with a possibility of extension.

•    Pay Rate: $18-$22/hour depending on experience.

Essential Job Functions:
•    Processing and analysis of riparian imagery for environmental research.
•    Data entry on laptop computer and routine QA/QC of field data.
•    Attention to details in sampling, safety, and analysis.
•    Ability to accurately interpret and follow established guidelines and protocols as you conduct data collection, entry, organization, quality assurance/control, and analysis.
•    Prepare and organize the upkeep of all equipment and supplies needed for field work.
•    Ability to work collaboratively with others to resolve challenges.

Minimum Qualifications:
•    Undergraduate coursework in Environmental Science, Ecology, Fisheries, or related field. General knowledge of Pacific Northwest River Ecology is a plus.
•    Proficient in Microsoft Office 365
•    Valid class C driver's license.
•    Ability to lift and carry up to 40 pounds.
•    Ability to swim and comfortable wading in water.

Desired Qualifications:
•    General knowledge of Pacific Northwest River Ecology.
•    Experience collecting field data.
•    Experience using R and QGIS for data analysis and mapping.
•    First Aid or WFR certified.

Working Conditions:
•    Most of the work will be office related on a computer.
•    Although, in case of any needed field work, must be comfortable working in aquatic environments.
•    Must be able to walk long distances and across a variety of terrains, including uneven surfaces.
•    Must be able to climb, jump, bend, stoop, kneel, crouch and crawl in a variety of weather conditions.

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