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Fish Distribution Model

Romey Fisheries & Aquatic Science, in collaboration with Martin Environmental, the US Forest Service, and Hoonah Indian Association, collected fish distribution information that will be used in a NetMap landscape-level model created by Martin Environmental to predict adult salmon upstream migration barriers in Southeast Alaska.

To facilitate field data collection for this project, Romey FAS created an Android application with CyberTracker software for installation on mobile devices connected to Bluetooth GPS receivers. By transitioning from paper field forms to electronic field data entry we were able to virtually eliminate data entry errors associated with paper field forms, and significantly reduce office data entry and QC time. This increase in efficiency reduces project cost, and shortens the time between data acquisition and data analysis. The field application also allows field crew to return to the exact habitat where last observed anadromous fish were located; a critical task for this this work.

Additional field data application benefits include:

- Import ArcGIS Maps for field navigation

- Export data to Excel or CSV file format

- Export tracks and waypoints as shapefile

Contact Romey FAS for help creating a field app for your project, or we can custom design one for you. With multiple applications already created, we may have one ready for your specific need.

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