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The Romey FAS collaborative scientific team brings multiple disciplines efficiently together to resolve complex ecosystem issues.  

Quantitative Ecology // 01


Understanding complex ecological problems due to anthropogenic influences can be difficult due to the large number of variables usually involved.  Romey FAS uses expertise in multidimensional numerical ecology to analyze complex ecological problems, and then develop useful tools for appropriate conservation, management, and process-based restoration strategies. 

Hydroelectric Licensing // 03


Romey FAS has over 15 years working on hydroelectric licensing projects in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.  The studies we have completed were critical to understanding the pre-project status and post project anthropocentric influences on population dynamics, habitat complexity, and long term ecological consequences of different management objectives.  Our finding have been used by FERC, state agencies, and power companies for best management practices.

Remote Sensing & Mapping // 05


We offer sUAV/drone based digital aerial photogrammetry (DAP) solutions for natural resource management, conservation planning, and land stewardship monitoring. From high-resolution orthophoto mosaics to 3D modeling at less than a decimeter accuracy, we have your project acquisition needs covered.

Small UAV remote sensing increasingly plays a vital role in natural resource management as UAV manufacturers rapidly advance the technology for applied environmental science.

Our drones are capable of flying over variable topography and can survey hundreds of acres per day. Our remote sensing team will work with you from flight planning through data processing to ensure that the specific goals of your study or mapping needs are met.

Fish Science // 02


To understand an entire ecosystem it is vital to use the knowledge acquired from fish populations, habitat interactions, and aquatic ecological studies.  This level of ecological understanding can then be leveraged to inform environmental impact assessments, regulatory agency decisions, and natural resource management decisions.

Romey FAS has the following ecological expertise and experience for ecosystem services:

·         Fish population modeling
·         Fish distribution and abundance surveys
·         Fish movement and passage surveys
·         Habitat inventory and mapping
·         Limiting factors analysis
·         Stream channel morphology and habitat forming process studies
·         Remote sensing and mapping of riparian and stream resources
·         Riparian resource inventory

Remote Data-aquisition Systems // 04

Acquiring reliable environmental monitoring  time series data can be difficult for remote monitoring sites.  The installation of a station with the capacity to send and receive data remotely eliminates the need to send personnel into the field for data collection.  Romey Environmental has worked on a variety of projects using remote data-acquisition monitoring stations that include weather, water quality, and energy applications. 

Our stations are custom designed for each deployment so they withstand the weather for the specific region, and the biological interactions that may occur; such as bear.

Data logger and sensors are SDI-12 compatible, and telemetry options include cell phone, IP network, modem, radio, or satellite.

Featured Solutions:

  • Water level and flow

  • Weather - Temperature, Precipitation, Evapotranspiration, Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiation, Wind

  • Dam & Reservoir Monitoring - Water Level, Total Dissolved Gas, Temperature

  • Water Quality - Total Dissolved Gas, Turbidity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, H2O Temperature, Salinity, Conductivity

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