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“Applying Advanced Quantitative Analysis & Practical Collaborative Solutions To Resolve Aquatic Ecosystem Concerns"


Romey FAS is a leader in promoting innovative collaborative solutions for complex ecological issues related to fish populations and environmental concerns. Since 1997, Romey FAS has worked closely with agencies, industry, and organizations to provide the technical expertise necessary to make scientifically sound management decisions.


Our goal is to provide the best available science to help balance aquatic conservation with the growing need for ecosystem services.


Our team is comprised of a diverse group of collaborative ecologists and biologists with expertise in environmental science, fish biology, forestry, and hydrology.

Our research integrates ecological modeling, advanced statistics, and fieldwork to answer both basic and applied questions in fisheries science. We specifically focus on 1) science in support of ecosystem based fisheries management, 2) structure, function, and drivers of fish communities, and 3) fish population dynamics.


We specialize in complex quantitative ecosystem analysis.

Other consulting services we provide include fisheries, ecosystem services, GIS, watershed analysis, quantitative environmental remote sensing, and remote environmental monitoring.

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